13 Moons of Matrescence  

  Services, Support, & Classes for the Childbearing Years & the Journey of Motherhood

<< From Moonarche to Moonapause >>

13 Moons Ceremony

Help us build our red tent & womyn's lodge

Read more about what we're needing funds for and detailed descriptions of the different reward options for the various reward levels, and Donate HERE: http://gofundme.com/redtentlodge

Watch our Fundraiser Video to learn more about what we are wanting to use the Red Tent & Womyn's Lodge for HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beb1tjbAJd0

There are NEW reward options, including my Lunaception E-Course ($15 cheaper than purchasing it through Etsy as a 'thank you' for donating), Moontime Yoni Sponge Kits, & the two versions of my new Moonphase Moontime Fertility Tracking Charts!

...Other rewards include art prints, custom paintings, herbal yoni sauna/vaginal steam blends, divination readings, and more!

>>> Also, if we can get the Tent erected by the end of August, it may be used as a rustic Birth Lodge this Fall!! <<<

~Every little bit helps, and your help is greatly appreciated! May your generosity return to you three-fold~

Ceremony & Priestess Services

Menstruation, Conception, & Contraception

'Moonarche' First-Blood Coming of Age Ceremony

Soul-Calling Ceremony Facilitation

Tea Ceremony


Motherblessing Ceremony Facilitation

BellyHenna Session/Ritual

Ceremonial Baths

Tea Ceremony

Birth Dancing


Placenta Honoring/Burial Ceremony Facilitation... Also, Permaculture Designed-Placenta Garden Planning!

Ceremonial Baths

Closing the Bones Ritual

The 40th Day: Mother-Honoring Ceremony Facilitation

Tea Ceremony

Pregnancy Release

Ceremonial Baths

Closing the Bones Ritual

Spirit Release Ceremony Facilitation

Tea Ceremony