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I was featured over at Pagan Families in their Birth Guardians series. Check it out


July 1st 2015 over at Birth Works I was featured as a Guest Speaker. << "Listen as Wren of 13 Moons of Matrescence talks with me for an hour about what holistic miscarriage and abortion support can look like, why it is important, at-home management and alternatives, and personal stories. There is a lot of power in this work, and it’s exciting to open the pandora’s box of herbal and sacred pregnancy release with such a healer as Wren!" >> LISTEN FREE Here:

[[And I highly recommend listening through her Archive, also all free!]]


"This audio is on Abortion Support and Womb Healing. It is provided to our community by donation! Aurora Kozinn, Zsuzsi Fern, Kelly Mehaan, and Aileen Peterson are educators and experts in coping tools post-Abortion."



I am a full-spectrum birth worker, providing support no matter what choices you make, and regardless of the outcome of your pregnancy. I can provide support and information regarding pregnancy termination, healing after a miscarriage or abortion, adoption, fertility/infertility, death/loss and home funerals, IVF or surrogacy, diagnostic pregnancy testing and alternatives, routine labor/delivery/newborn procedures and alternatives, nutrition, and much more. However, I am not a nutritionist, licensed midwife, nurse midwife, physician, naturopath, or OB/GYN nor can I diagnose ailments, diseases, etc. or prescribe medicines.

My nutritional, herbal and homeopathic mentoring and products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. My mentoring and products and any accompanying statements regarding them have not been evaluated by the USDA or FDA.  Please speak to your care provider before/when starting a new diet, herbal product/regiment or exercise routine **especially** if you are taking other medications or have a health condition, are pregnant, or are breastfeeding.

**We do not discriminate against those of color, LGBTQ individuals or couples, single mothers, teen mothers, low-income families, religious/spiritual preference, non-English speakers, disabilities, or anything else.

I go by Wren, and I found Birth Work-- or rather, it found me-- when I was 16 years old. When I got pregnant with my first son, I was drawn to "natural childbirth" and even wanted a homebirth. Unfortunately, I went into early labor and delivered my son (with no pain medications, but after they ruptured my bag of waters) at 29 weeks. He lived for only 21 days. That ordeal began my journey, and was the first of many "initiations" along my path. I began studying natural childbirth and midwifery in earnest when I was 17. I trained as a massage therapist in 2011 and got licensed in March 2012, and took Krista Arias' MamaMuse (un)Midwifery Mentorship in 2011/2012, along with her Folklore Foods and Soft Animal Programs. (I also graduated and received my certificate from her Lazy Lady Living Permaculture Design program in 2013). In 2013 I took Whapio Bartlett's "Holistic Doula Workshop" and received my certificate, and I began her Matrona Quantum Midwifery Correspondence Course in January of 2014, to be completed in December. 

Over the last few years I have begun studying Herbalism as pertaining to Womb-Health and "The Wise Woman Way", and also herbal abortion and contraception. I have also been studying Womyn's Mysteries since I was 13, and have been training as a Priestess since I began my spiritual path 9 years ago. Ceremony is a forte of mine, and I feel it is very important in regards to the childbearing continuum and mother(parent)hood. I don't want to just be hired on as a doula and meet my client once or twice for an hour before being present with her in the most transformational and important point in her life with this new baby-- I strive to be present always, whenever my client may need me and desire to start our relationship, available with information and support and even friendship for her entire journey, and desire to create Soul Level Connections with the women, mothers, and clients that I work with.

I am not just "a doula" or "henna artist", I don't just offer postpartum healing cervices or counsel on Pregnancy Release. Though I do these things and more, I am (I feel) most importantly a Womb Keeper, a Witness to Matrescence, and a Gate Guardian. I believe in a Holistic approach to the childbearing continuum, and blend the scientific with the spiritual and the traditional with the modern. I am keen on returning Ceremony and the acknowledgment of the Sacred back to the childbearing years and of facilitating and witnessing the initiations of mothers and families that our society and culture have disregarded for so long. These things are a reflection of my training as a doula, and in my current training as a Shamanic Midwyfe and Childbirth Consultant, as well as my own personal spiritual studies and interests that have culminated over the last decade into what and who I am today.