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  Services, Support, & Classes for the Childbearing Years & the Journey of Motherhood

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Welcome to 13 Moons of Matrescence

13 Moons of Matrescence provides full-spectrum services and with-women/mother support during the Childbearing Years for Roseburg, Oregon and surrounding areas, and some long-distance. As a doula I can attend hospital and home births. Doulas provide emotional, physical, mental, and sometimes spiritual support during pregnancy, labor, and the immediate postpartum.

I am here to provide an array of informational resources and services throughout the Childbearing Continuum (from Menarche to Motherhood and beyond), besides just doula services. Please read through the About Me and my services pages (13 Moons Ceremony, Brighid's Hands, Brighid's Hearth, & The Midwyf's Hut) to learn more about what I stand for and offer. If you have any questions, requests, or inquiries feel free to reach out using the Contact Us form, by e-mail, phone, or Facebook. 

What's in a Name


       (Noun) The process of becoming a mother. Coined by Anthropologist Dana Rafael.   

13 Moons

       Give or take, the length of a lunar year. Some cultures went by 12 moons in a year, adding an extra moon cycle (for a total of 13) once every 3-4 years (kind of like our Leap Year) to balance things out. Others simply had 13 moons. Each "month" (about 29.5 days) coordinated with a moon and the name of each moon varied from region to region. Some common themes cross-culturally had to do with things such as Harvest time, a time of Famine and Great Hunger, a time of Fertility and return of life to the land (and the people), etc.   

I wanted to be able to encompass the entirety of motherhood and the childbearing continuum-- from fertility avoidance and achievement, to abortion and miscarriage (which I call collectively "Pregnancy Release"), pregnancy and birth, adoption and loss, the postpartum healing journey and breastfeeding years. My support, services, offerings, classes, counsel, and products are inclusive to all of these aspects of the journey of motherhood, and I wanted that to be reflected in our name. These are all a part of being a mother-- mothers have Cesareans and homebirths, mothers breastfeed and don't breastfeed, mothers have abortions, mothers give babies up for adoption, and they all deserve to be Witnessed and Honored and Served through their Journey of Matrescence.


Active Studies Seeking Participants

I am hosting two small-scale, voluntary (un-paid) studies-- one on the use of Queen Anne's Lace as an herbal contraceptive, and one on doing prenatal sound sessions, and I am looking for participants for both studies!

For more information on the studies, as well as how to participate, hover over "The Midwyf's Hut" in the pages bar and select "Active Studies" from the drop-down menu.

Classes: Coming Soon!

We are working on multiple classes that will be offered online as well as locally including Traditional Foods for Fertility, Pregnancy & Beyond; Alternative Birth Control Mini Workshop; Your Body mini series; Sacred Pregnancy Release 3-Day Workshops; Holistic Childbirth Education series; Lunaception E-course [AVAILABLE NOW]; Motherhood as a Sacred Journey mini e-course, and more! For more information on these classes, please click on "The Midwyf's Hut" in the menu bar at the top of the page.

"Drawing Down the Blood Moon" Book

I am currently writing a book on the history of alternative abortion (Pregnancy Release), midwives as abortion providers, materia medica (herbal abortificant reference), post-abortion healing and care, and stories. I am taking submissions for stories of womyn's experiences with at-home pregnancy release, spiritual PR, herbal, and herbal+medical PR. Please e-mail me if you are interested in learning more about the book or submitting your story. [email protected]

You can purchase a PDF or Print copy of my booklet "Rituals & Meditations for Pregnancy Release" HERE: https://www.etsy.com/shop/13MoonsofMatrescence